Virtual Counseling

Virtual Counseling Guidelines at Milan Middle School. I am happy to be able to offer virtual counseling services to our at-home learners this year. Having said that, I feel that I need to inform you of the limitations to virtual counseling, such as unintended listeners, difficulty in reading body language/clues, and technology issues that might arise during sessions. Below are some guidelines that will help us avoid some of the limitations to virtual counseling. 1. You will need earbuds/earphones to use during the session to maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible. 2. You will need to designate an area of the house that provides a safe place to share your feelings with me (confidentiality). 3. You will need to remain in this area throughout the entire session. (i.e. can't be walking around the house, talking to others, playing, etc.) Also, parents need to be aware that a school counselor provides brief, short-term, solution-focused counseling. School Counselors are not therapists. If at anytime you feel your child needs more intensive help or on a more frequent basis, please let your school counselor know so an outside referral can be made to a counseling agency. Also, as part of virtual counseling, school counselors are to inform you of how to seek help in the event of a crisis or an emergency and the school counselor cannot be reached. Below you will find the numbers to the agencies. Youth Villages Crisis (Your child is suicidal, homicidal, or in a crisis situation). 1-866-791-9227. Department of Children's Services (you suspect your child has been abused or neglected)- 1-877-237-0004. Milan Police Department 731-686-3309 Kristy Todd, School Counselor, 7th and 8th grade, Milan Middle School 731-686-7232,
Ruth Oelrich, 5th and 6th grade School Counselor,